Antonevich & KatzThe ANTONEVICH & KATZ Duo ( delivers a sizzling fusion of American Jazz and European Gypsy music, featuring Jazz favorites arranged for violin and piano in the European Gypsy-Jazz style. Its members, violinist Stanislav Antonevich and pianist Leo Loginov Katz, are professional musicians of Eastern European origin, with superb credentials, unusual backgrounds, and complementary talents. Stanislav and Leo have great fun working together, and hope that their duo has a long future ahead.

Stanislav is a virtuoso violinist known for his passionate delivery that touches the audience’s soul. He offers a unique combination of award-winning classical musicianship and dazzling Jazz sensibility. Most classical violinists find it very difficult to adapt to the Jazz genre; improvisation is often the most challenging, because classical training emphasizes strict adherence to the original score. In addition to rigorous classical training, Stanislav obtained Masters’ degree in Jazz from the Longy School of Music, and took workshops from the well known European Gypsy Jazz violinist Vitali Imereli.

Leo is a jazz pianist with a life-long interest in improvisation and experiments with sound. This brought him in conflict with the strict rules of the Russian musical establishment. As a result, he chose a profession in Theatre, studying acting and directing at the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts. His fruitful mix of musical and theatrical skills has brought him numerous accolades, making his performances “energetically generous, never predictable and always entertaining”

The instrumentation of violin and piano featured by the ANTONEVICH & KATZ Duo is uncommon for Gypsy Jazz, giving their music a unique sound. Usually, acoustic guitar and violin are the lead instruments, with one or more rhythm guitars for the percussion section; bass, clarinet and accordion are also common. The duo’s performances, which are typically sold out, are known for their deep emotional sense, exquisite taste, and refreshing humor. Be prepared for a world-class musical treat!

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